Strolling through Autumn.

Here we are strolling through Autumn with winter on the distant horizon, but this weekend here in the UK we put the clocks back an hour this coming Sunday morning.

It’s a twice yearly ritual as in the spring we will put the clocks forward an hour, never let it be said we don’t have excitement.

Now one thing is certain and that is there will be great debate on social media, on TV and in the papers about the logic of doing this simple act.

These days it’s something I don’t give much thought to, except for one clock and the cooker everything else is all radio controlled and the time changes when it should.

The big question is I suppose is what are we going to do with this extra hour? The answer for most I would guess is that we will have an extra hour in bed, then moan in the late afternoon when it gets darker earlier.

Ah well it will make a change to read about the clock change instead of the regular stuff like Brexit, the odd war somewhere or perhaps the latest retail closures in the high street.

Roll on Saturday!