Well here we go…..

An important thing is happening in December, and I don’t mean Christmas.

Here in the UK we are having a General Election. The parties and candidates are setting out their stalls to give out their promises, ones we know will likely not be kept. The candidates will try to be our best friends, after all they want us to provide them with employment and a decent income.

Now I will admit that I am not a political animal, I just assuming they are lying and I try and work out who is lying the least!!

Experts in the shape of ex MP’s will be wheeled out for their thoughts and experience, ignoring how good or most likely how bad they were when they were in office. Looking on the bright side it does show that half the people you thought would be dead are still alive and kicking, and keen to earn a crust for appearing on television.

Somebody has already asked me how I will be voting and I gave them the same answer I give anybody who asks, and that is I will be voting by putting a cross in a box. Both the wife and Im have postal votes, this stems from when we both worked full time and it was not always easy to get to the polling station. So on the great day we can sit back and watch the proceedings safe in the knowledge we have done it without getting cold.

So enjoy the spectacle of the coming weeks but please remember to vote, votes are important. Some people say if you don’t vote you can’t moan. I don’t agree with that thought, I am sure there are people who look at the candidates, mutter they are all as bad as each other and then don’t vote. Perhaps we should have a box on the ballot paper that says “None of the above” I wonder if it would improve turnout?

I have always thought that some times we vote for the least worst rather than. the best.