It’s my music and you can have it even if you don’t want it.

In the summer months we have a strange phenomenon here.

People seem to have this desire to throw their windows open and share their love of music with their neighbours. Depending on which way you face you can sometimes select the type of music you’re forced to hear.

Now if that was not bad enough we also have those who like to play the same song over and over again, it makes sitting in the back garden (Yard for my American followers) on a sunny day an experience. Just when you want to sit out and perhaps enjoy a quiet book or perhaps work on the laptop you have a musical background, the snag being that the background can often be quite loud and normally the music is terrible and distorted.

Judging by the volume of what reaches my garden I can only assume that the volume is set on whatever is playing it to just about pain threshold. Either that or I live near a commune for the selectively deaf.

The only two options are often to go and sit inside again or take out some headphones and listen to your own music to drown out the neighbours racket. This tends to defeat the object of a quiet sit in the sunshine.

This is not limited exclusively to my younger neighbours either, we have a few older people who seem desperate to hang onto their youth via music.

So there you have it one of the many snags of working from home. Oh well where are my headphones?

One thought on “It’s my music and you can have it even if you don’t want it.

  1. Jacquie says:

    there is a young man in a red souped-up car who drives through my town, windows down and music blaring.

    and what is he playing, this youngster? some cool 90’s trance or dream house? a bit of hard dance? a guetta mix or a track from the great calvin? in fact any chart material from the new century?

    nope. he is blaring – wait for it – the Beatles!!!!! he wasn’t even a twinkle back then. in fact his parents might only just have been twinkles………

    been there, done that. as a pensioner i do not want to relive my youth, thank you.

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