Honest and true with a few lies and false promises thrown in for good measure.

Well here we are with less than a month to the General Election.

The great and the good are going round the country, promising this, that and the other but only having enough money for a couple of bags of crisps.

I look at the party leaders and think that I would honestly never buy a second hand car from any of them. All these promises are being thrown about with not a mention of how they will be paid for.

The majority of the electorate are aware of the fact that nothing is free in this world especially from politicians. Promises are made for money from the national money tree, also known as the tax payers. They stand or sit on TV with a straight face with promises of money for all sorts of things, speaking as though it’s their money. The must be nuts not to realise that what they are promising to do is to take money from the taxpayer with the left hand and give it back to them with the right, with of course a bit of commission taken out in the process.

They bang on about helping the less well off, making believe they have empathy with the poor, whilst living in expensive houses and often driving big cars. I can’t think of one politician who will be sitting tonight wondering wether they will exceed their overdraft or wonder if the last tin of beans in the cupboard should be for tea tonight or breakfast tomorrow.

I can’t remember who first used the phrase “Often we vote for the least worse rather than the best.” But it is so true Perhaps the time has come for a new box on the ballot paper that we can tick that simply says “None of the above.”

The wife and I both have postal votes, we fill these in and send them off every time, I do wonder if I had to vote in person that looking at the candidates locally I would bother to vote on polling day if there is heavy rain.”

Ah well back to the excitement of YouTube!!!