A two year anniversary.

The 27th of November marked the two year anniversary of me closing my business and taking early retirement.

A number of people have asked me recently I have any regrets, and to be honest the answer is no I don’t have a single one.

It was normally hard work, as it often is dealing with the public, who quite often had no real idea what they wanted. Some only wanted a web site because their friends had one.

Over the years I set up numerous blog sites using WordPress, which is what this blog site runs on. Most of them died a death, some quicker than others as the owners went onto new fads and trends.

Now I just go with the flow and take things as they come, I still get the odd person, often odder in more ways than one ask if I will do them a site, and I always decline.

I am a great believer in once I have made a decision to stick by it. It’s rare I regret that stance.

So we slowly meander towards the general election a week on Thursday and cruise towards Christmas. The excitement is building.