Changing our minds

Now it as often been said that us British often don’t see a joke, now this may well be true I know people who would not get a joke if it slapped them round the face.

But anyway, there are certain people who’s idea of humour changes on a regular basis. Now I have been known to pass on little ditties of humour via email, generally bits that have made me chuckle.

Which finally leads me to the point of this post.

About a month ago I sent out to a friend a small bit of humour that had tickled my funny bone when I had first read it some ten minutes earlier. Some twenty minutes later I received a reply along the lines that they did not get the joke and therefore did not find it at all funny. Now this is fair enough we can’t always find everything funny just because somebody else does.

So we wind fast forward to this morning and the said person to whom I had sent the failed joke to sent me an email, and guess what they had sent back the same joke with the comment “Just received this, thought you would find it amusing, I certainly did.”

I mean has their humour changed in the space of a few weeks? having no desire to pursue that question with them I may never know.