The straw that broke the camels back.

Over the last couple of years a few people have asked me if there was one specific point where something happened that made me close my business and take early retirement.

The answer is yes and no! I had been vaguely thinking about taking early retirement for some time, and had even set a few possible dates, but it all came to a head one morning.

I was talking to a prospective client on the phone, this in itself was rare as 99% of my business was via email or online live chat.

We had been chatting about his requirements, which from what I remember were quite specific. Anyway we got to that part of the conversation where costs rear their head. Having given him some rough figures, with the accent being on rough he uttered the immortal words…. Do you know anybody as good as you but cheaper?

That was the straw that broke the camels back, I just put down the phone and set in motion what was needed to  close everything down and take early retirement.

For all I know he is still hanging on the other end of that phone line.

Skills cost money, and as I once said to a client the reason I charged what I did was because I knew how to do it and he didn’t.

Experience showed me time after time that those who commented the most about the cost were always the slowest to pay.