Things that go bump in the night.

Here, when things go bump in the night that thing is normally me.

Of late I sometimes have difficulty going to sleep when I go to bed, and that makes me grumpy.

So I would rather just get up, come in here and potter about on the computer for an hour or so, which is why this blog entry is being typed at 1am on a Monday morning.

It does not help that I am an evening person, me and mornings just don’t get on. I can concentrate better at night than in the mornings, heaven knows why but I have always been like that. I know it used to drive my late mother nuts.

I have never worked out how people can be so chipper first thing in the morning. I have over the years asked people why they are chipper in the mornings, but so far not one person has given me a sensible answer.

To me there are advantages to pottering about at night, the main one being that I am rarely if ever disturbed. I have perfected the art of tuning out the wife’s snoring from the bedroom next door. I just imagine it’s distant rumbles of thunder!!!

There’s a lot to be said for some country people who go to bed when it’s dark and get up when it’s daylight.

In the winter I find it relaxing to be working away in the middle of the night with rain beating against the windows, I find it very therapeutic.

I know people who go to bed the same time every night and get up the same time every morning irrespective of wether they need to or not. I don’t understand their logic, assuming that they have some!

So there you have it, I am a night owl! well it’s either that or I am a bit barmy!