Now it’s just getting silly.

Well as the world progresses with the pandemic the possible cures and rumours are, in many cases just getting silly.

President Trump last night was talking about putting light in the body or disinfectant in the body to kill the disease. The worrying thing is some people will take  notice and perhaps try his suggestions.

Amazing how people will take no notice about treatment from somebody who does not have a clue until that person is the President, then he is listened to.

`They do say a little knowledge can be dangerous, well so can believing you have knowledge when you have none.

The British government makes much about how their following the science before making decisions or recommendations. To date I have not heard one person say what plan “B” is if the science they are following turns out to be wrong.

Disasters produce many so called experts who are wheeled out on TV to give their views and advice, these are people one has normally never heard of, and heaven knows where the media find them. I mean is there an agency where you can hire experts from? I have not seen it in Yellow pages.

Personally I have given up watching the news it’s so depressing, with person after person spotting gloom and despondency. When some positive person appears the interviewers pounce on them and try and make their comments appear negative.

I will plod on and observe what’s going on around me, it’s providing much of interest to those who observe human behaviour.