Troubled times

I am writing this blog post when we are in troubled times. Here in the UK the pandemic continues, with a portion of the population appearing to be close to saying sod it and going back as much as they can to normal.

Looking at the pictures of the weekend where people flocked to the countryside and the seaside and in the process left a train of filth, litter and remnants of their visit, on the beaches, in the hedges and all places in between.

I mean how do they live at home. I bet if somebody walked past their garden and tossed a beer can over the hedge world war three would be declared, but they think nothing of doing it themselves.

The human race has the back of showing itself at its worst at times, and normally the people who do it should know better.

Some people would not know social distancing if it smacked them across the head, and it’s not always youngsters but instead middle aged people trying desperately to remain looking young.

Then we can turn our attention across the pond to the States where they have a president threatening to use regular troops against he own people, he should be ashamed,

Yesterday he stood in front of a church clutching a bible, I am sure he never opens the pages of a bible, there are not enough pictures to amuse him!

As I say we live in troubled times, and the question is will he get worse before it gets better?