Strolling through Autumn.

Here we are strolling through Autumn with winter on the distant horizon, but this weekend here in the UK we put the clocks back an hour this coming Sunday morning.

It’s a twice yearly ritual as in the spring we will put the clocks forward an hour, never let it be said we don’t have excitement.

Now one thing is certain and that is there will be great debate on social media, on TV and in the papers about the logic of doing this simple act.

These days it’s something I don’t give much thought to, except for one clock and the cooker everything else is all radio controlled and the time changes when it should.

The big question is I suppose is what are we going to do with this extra hour? The answer for most I would guess is that we will have an extra hour in bed, then moan in the late afternoon when it gets darker earlier.

Ah well it will make a change to read about the clock change instead of the regular stuff like Brexit, the odd war somewhere or perhaps the latest retail closures in the high street.

Roll on Saturday!

One Week & Counting.

This is the start of a Sabbatical which is really just a break.

After some fourteen years on the railway mainly running Orton Mere Station, I have decided to take a sabbatical for six months.

But this could be easier said than done it appears!

Since I cleared my personal effects out of the station a week last Tuesday, I have had more contact with people on the railway than I normally do when I am running the station.

Enquiries ranging from Wi-Fi passwords to gentle probes as to whether I am dying or not!

Looking at it face on it could be because I am not actually taking a sabbatical, I am just having a break! Apparently, a sabbatical is where you take paid leave with the agreement of your employer and at the end return to the same job. Well I am not paid and I will not be returning to the same job.

Now I realise that this may cause a few ripples, in the minds of many Orton Mere has, for want of a better description a reputation for being a bit on the rough side.

Now I know the station has its moments but it is a super place to work and I have enjoyed every turn I have done there.

But the time comes for a change and I think that for me that time for change is now. Though having said that I have no idea what I want to do when I return to the railway, but I have some months to give it some thought.

Now I would ask for suggestions as to what I can do when I return but I may not like some of the suggestions!

Last weekend was the three day diesel gala, and a couple of people asked me if I missed being at the station. The answer in all honesty is no I did not miss it at all. I am not and never have been a train fan, my enjoyment has come from chatting to a wide range of people over the years and also looking at the history of the line from a social point of view, that’s where my interests lie.

I must say I have received some really nice emails commenting on my break, I also get the impression that a couple have done some teddy throwing.

I am just grateful I am not dying as the thought of some people organising the local medium to try and make contact is a bit of a brain strain.

So there you have it, see you all around Easter next year!!

An interesting weekend ahead.

This weekend will be a busy one at the railway, with the three day running of Flying Scotsman.

Now I am aware that some people who read this blog when it was just my musings might not know what Flying Scotsman is. So here is a picture of it at the railway last year.






All seats are booked and it will be non-stop through the station.

Just to add to the excitement there is heavy rain forecast for Sunday and one of the two car parks is full of travellers.

So all in all an average weekend.

Personally I reckon I am getting too old for all the excitement, but we shall see, as long as the visit earns money for the railway then that can only be good.

Burning calories the easy way.

Now those of you who know me will know that I love technology, especially if it makes things either easier or effort free.

Well I noticed mid morning that my fit-bit watch said that I had burnt 1256 calories since midnight. To say I was impressed would be an understatement, I thought just imagine how many I would have burnt if I was actually wearing the Fitbit!

This modern technology is impressive!

No jokes by the way about me having a fit-bit!!

Two into one.

I know, I know I have not posted for some time, well that hopefully will change.

Many of you know that up to now I have written two blogs, this one and also one covering my volunteering on a heritage railway.

I have closed my railway blog, I think it had run it’s course and I want to concentrate on this one and expanding it, if for no other reason than to keep me amused!

So watch this space as they say for more postings.

Plodding through summer

Well here we are almost half way through July plodding our way through summer.

The weather has been much like modern television and left much to be desired.

Not much use in planning a day in the week to do any gardening and most likely we will have showers on the day in question.

When we have had periods of sunny weather it’s often been very humid and not a time for doing much.

Looking at the news the variable weather has been blamed on a number of things, from global warming to Brexit and the US Presidents recent visit! I tease you not, people will blame the weather on any number of things.

As for me, well I just go with the flow, I can’t change the weather so I don’t worry about it. Considering we can do nothing about the weather most Brits spend hell of a lot of time discussing it. Including me looking at recent blog posts.

The grass will get cut evenually and therefore all is well with the world!

October is early this year.

Carrying on from my last post I am sitting here looking out at rain hitting the window and a cold wind.

Except for the fact that the rain is warmer it could almost be an October afternoon.

The local schools are on holiday this week with kind of guarantees some dismal weather.

It’s coming up to 6pm here and I have the lights all on in here, if I didn’t then it would be really dismal.

Oh well back to doing some writing can’t stare out at typical British weather all day!!

All back to normal

Here we are on the 8th May and it’s lashing down with rain and a bit on the cold side.

Nice to see the weather is back to normal after a super Easter.

I must admit that sitting in the dry looking out is far better than standing outside looking in.

No gardening today!!

Such a little thing.


The particles are by themselves small insignificant things, but in quantity they can be a pain in the rear.

With the onset of sunny days I tend to open the window of the computer room and the result is that the screens all get covered in dust. I am getting through screen wipes at a rapid rate of knots.

I mean I leave the room with nice shiny screens and when I return they all have varying degrees of a matt finish on them.

Roll on autumn.


Is it really that long?

Well it’s been two months since I last posted, how time flies when you’re not having fun.

It’s been a funny start to the year, what with having the flu for several weeks and now I have a cough I just can’t seem to shake off.

I am not sure if it’s due to old age or not but I seem to be feeling the cold this year. Certainly we are still putting the central heating on from time to time.

This retirement lark is hard work as well, some days I set out with the best intentions to get things done, but never quite manage it and I must say it’s most frustrating.

I will try and make a few more regular posts when something of note happens, though wether I recognise something being of note is another matter!